Your idea. My interpretation. A masterpiece.

A family portrait? A special memory you want preserved? A favorite destination? I can make that happen for you. 

I have painted families, logos, giftwrap, album covers, pets, signs, and even trucks. 

Pricing below is for basic canvas. If you want something a little more fun like a wooden photo opp, a permanent sign for your business, or something three-dimensional, contact me for pricing.

Common Canvas Pricing:

16″ x 16″    $145

16″ x 20″    $195

20″ x 20″    $245

18″ x 24″    $275

20″ x 24″    $295

20″ x 30″    $345

30″ x 30″    $495

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions…

How do you determine what you’ll paint?

You tell me what size you want. Then you send me pictures, descriptions, sketches, links or whatever it takes to describe what you want. Then I let the muse take over. The cool thing is that I paint in acrylics so I can add/change/edit as we go along until you’re happy with the end result. 

How long will it take?

That is the big question of the day. If you have a reasonable deadline, I’ll do my best to work with it. This is art and sometimes the muse can be a real bitch. As it is, there are a few things that take time no matter what.

First, depending on what you want I might have to order supplies.
Second, paint takes time to dry. When we have a lot of snow or moisture in the air, it takes even longer for the paint to dry at this altitude. (Such is mountain life in Crested Butte.)
Third, the longer you take to get back to me as I show you the progress, the longer the project takes.

I don’t quote times on the website because they vary by size and style of the project. When you contact me I will try to give you a reasonable time frame. But nothing is set in stone. You’ll never be happy with rushed art. 

What about shipping?

When it is done, I wrap it in plastic and cardboard and ship it out to you. Shipping in the 48 states is FREE for all canvas paintings up to 30×30. For Alaska, Hawaii, other countries, and big pieces like wooden signs, you will be responsible for shipping costs.

How do I pay for my art?

I prefer to send you a PayPal invoice. It is best for both of us. 

Contact Me:

Here are some samples of custom work…

These guys rock! If you’re ever in the Florida Keys, look them up. Tell them Laura Joy Warrior sent you.
This is an engagement painting. I have been painting this family’s special occasions and fun moments since the early 2000’s. The mother of the girl in this picture has one of the largest collections of Joy Warrior art in the world!
Here is a street sign I did. Talk about getting noticed in a fun way! I love how visible it is for anyone walking/driving by.
Even little signs like these telling you the rules can be a little more colorful and noticeable.
I did this for my brother to create the iconic Toy House Christmas paper that he used for years. He said they went through over 10,000 feet of this paper!


This was the largest canvas Custom Art piece I have done. One of my favorites, too! There is so much happening here!