Woot! Woot!

Thanks for checking out my art! This is art for people who want to smile and be joyful. You have that joy inside of you just waiting to be released. 

What wall do you walk past every day without ever really seeing it? Put a little Joy Warrior art there and see how your day turns around. 

Take a look around the site. You’ll find Galleries of stuff that has already found good homes like yours.

The Art For Sale link will take you to what you can buy right now. Picture it going on a wall in your house. Then click on the PayPal button and you’ll have it on your doorstep as fast as I can get it there.

The Custom Art link is where most people end up. You might want a family portrait that isn’t so stodgy and pretentious and expensive. Maybe you want a painting of your favorite pet or vacation hot spot. You might be in the market for some new signage for your business. My art will definitely stand out and be seen. I’ve painted trucks, done sidewalk art, painted furniture, and even created art for giftwrap. It’s all up to you. Give me your idea and together we’ll make a masterpiece . It is challenging and inspiring and a whole lot of fun. Most importantly, it becomes the most meaningful art you will ever own.

Click on a link and check out the site. I look forward to working with you.

Cheers y’all!

Laura Joy Warrior (LJW)

These kinds of multi-piece works are a lot of fun.

10x10 Ian's Underwater Adventure
I did this for my nephew Ian. He’s a cool kid!
This is one of my brother’s favorite sayings!
I could paint sunsets and sunrises all day long!
And mountains, and rainbows, and family and pets!